When the time allows, Jason sets up his GO PRO as he drives to school (the place where he spends his days as a High School Maths Teacher) sharing tips, hints and thoughts on many helpful subjects that parents and students may find useful. 

Learning Space Tutoring School Castle Hill

3 Things to Consider when Finding a Tutor

Your children need some extra academic support and you are in need of a tutor to help them. This video gives the 3 ideas to consider when finding a tutor:

1. Teacher-student connection

2. The way the sessions are conducted

3. Qualifications and experience of the tutor

Help! A Poor Result in the First Year 7 Mathematics Examination

Your child did their first Mathematics examination in high school and they do not do so well. Don’t be too worried. This video gives 3 concepts to think about when this happens:
1. Inexperience
2. Reassurance
3. Use it as a Learning Activity

Why Year 8 Mathematics is VERY Important

Your children just started Year 8 this year. No big deal, plenty time until the HSC. Wrong! It is a BIG DEAL. Year 8 Mathematics in New South Wales is very important, even more important than Year 12!

3 Things to Think About when your Child Starts the New School Year

Your children are set for the new school year but are they ready? This video gives 3 important principles that can be applied to get your children ready for the new school year: 1. Organisation 2. Goal Setting 3. Remind them that it's a Fresh Start.