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Learning Space Tutoring School Castle Hill

How it Works

To enquire and enrol your children please contact us. A phone conversation is the first step, it will allow us to tailor to your children’s needs. The next step is to book the sessions.

Mathematics and English are the core subjects. If your child has success in these, their confidence will spill over to the other subjects. Because of this, we have developed The Mathematics and English Leap System.

Learning Space offers sessions in the other various subjects offered in the NSW secondary schools, please contact us regarding these.

The Mathematics and English Leap System is a learning modal that has been tested with a very high success rate. We have seen students leap 2 grades in just one term with this system.

The The Mathematics and
English Leap System is built on 2 solid foundations:

  • Working Habits - Just like brushing their teeth, your child needs to get into a study habit where doing the necessary work just becomes part of their routine.

  • Winning Environment - Any person with great success has people around them who also have the ambition to succeed. It is important for your child to have other students around them who are motivated and keen to improve their results.

On this foundation the The Mathematics and
English has the following pillars:

  • Real Teachers - We handpick qualified teachers who have a passion for teaching your child and seeing them succeed.

  • Program of Study - There are many touch points for your child to ensure they are on track including: weekly sessions with qualified teachers; weekly homework help sessions; and a 24/7 help chat service.

  • Resource Rich - Your child will be given all materials, resources and an online platform to ensure success.

This system WORKS. Time and time again we get testimonials from parents and students. Take the time to see what they have to say.

Tuition Fees


The systems in place are tailored to individual needs so the prices will vary. Please contact us to discuss this further.


  • What year groups do you tutor?
    We offer tutoring (both private and group sessions) at our Centre for Year 5 to Year 12 across all subjects.
  • Are your tutors qualified teachers or just university students?
    This is one thing that really makes us stand out. Learning Space has REAL teachers - the kind that are patient, friendly, specialise in their subject area. They are accredited and qualified school teachers. They know the curriculum and they love teaching.
  • What are the services you offer and are there locked in contracts?
    Learning Space has learning models that have been tested and proven to work. The systems in place consist of hybrid programs of small group sessions and private sessions. There are online platforms that allows the students to get support outside of the tutoring sessions. At specific times of the year, we have specialised workshops in place such as HSC preparations. There are NO lock-in contracts. We only ask for students to commit for a term. From our experience, students show improvement after about a term's worth of work.
  • How big are the groups?
    We like to keep our groups small. All groups have a maximum capacity of 8 and they have an average of about 5 students in each. We have found that this gives the perfect balance of providing a motivating environment and a personalised experience.
  • My child is quite shy but they are keen to learn and understand more, how can you help?"
    Our experience has shown that different students learn in different ways. Our hybrid systems of both group and private sessions allow us to tailor to the individual needs of every student. Nobody is treated the same at the Learning Space!
English, Physics, Maths Tutoring Castle Hill
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