The Mathematics Leap System

Math Class

The Mathematics Leap System is a learning modal that has been tested with a very high success rate. We have seen students leap 2 grades in mathematics in just one term with this system.

The Mathematics Leap System is built on 2 solid foundations:

  • Working Habits - Just like brushing their teeth, your child needs to get into a study habit where doing the necessary work just becomes part of their routine.

  • Winning Environment - Any person with great success has people around them who also have the ambition to succeed. It is important for your child to have other students around them who are motivated and keen to improve their results in mathematics.

On this foundation the Mathematics Leap System has the following pillars:

  • Real Teachers - We handpick qualified teachers who have a passion for teaching your child and seeing them succeed.

  • Program of Study - There are many touch points for your child to ensure they are on track including: weekly sessions with qualified teachers; weekly homework help sessions; and a 24/7 help Facebook group.

  • Resource Rich - Your child will be given all materials, resources and an online platform to ensure success.

This system WORKS. Time and time again we get testimonials from parents and students. Take the time to see what they have to say.


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