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3 Important Documents Your Child Needs to Have Success in Mathematics

Your children are ready to perform in their Mathematics exams. Here are the 3 documents they need to develop a successful program of study.


Good morning! This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space, and I'm driving to school.

Today I'm going to be talking about the three documents that you need to just start knuckling down and doing some work.

So if you're going to go see a tutor, or if you have a renewed goals, and you need to knuckle down and do some really good work with your mathematics, and you want to improve your results, three documents you need to have in front of you. So you can start doing that.

The first one is the Scope and Sequence.

In New South Wales, most schools release, or most teachers release a scope and sequence. It's a document that shows all the topics that are coming up on a timeline of when the topics are roughly going to come up to. Now this is subject to change and then anytime the teacher can change this. However, it is a valuable document. Most of the time, you can find this or students can find this on the portal, on their school portal. Or they can simply just ask their maths teacher for the scope and sequence which gives them the list of the topics that are up to come.

The second document is the Assessment Schedule.

Now, this gives us an outline of the assessments throughout the year, the dates, the exact times that they're going to be released or given and roughly the topics that will be assessed on.

This is important because it gives the students an idea of when the exams are coming up, and roughly what's on them.

So with these two documents, the scope and sequence and the assessment schedule, both of these two together give you an idea of the assessments coming up and what is on the assessment. So you can start studying from it on a regular basis each week, rather than just leaving it to the last minute when an assessment notification comes up.

The third document is the Assessment Notification.

Now the assessment notification is usually given two to three weeks before an assessment. According to the board of New South Wales of the Australian Curriculum, it is vital for students to receive some sort of examination notification at least two weeks before the assessment. And this outlines exactly how the exam’s going to be given, the amount of time, the amount of marks, all those important bits of information and exactly what topics will be in the exams.

So with these three documents: the scope and sequence, the assessment schedule, and the exam notification, you should be able to pinpoint exactly what's going to be in your exam and therefore you can study accordingly.

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