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3 Things to Consider when Finding a Tutor

Your children need some extra academic support and you are in need of a tutor to help them. This video gives the 3 ideas to consider when finding a tutor:

1. Teacher-student connection.

2. The way the sessions are conducted.

3. Qualifications and experience of the tutor.


This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space and I’m driving to school.

Here are the three things that you need to look out for when you're picking a tutor for your son or daughter to optimise their results.

Number 1. You want to make sure the connection between the student and the tutor is optimised.

Now you won’t know that until you actually try a couple lessons. So I always recommend having one or two lessons. Open up that communication with the child, have a good chat to them and say you know.. What did you get out of the lesson? Did you like your teacher? Do you feel like you’re learning with that teacher? etc...

The second thing would be, how the lessons are conducted.

Now if the lessons are conducted with student only does a bit of work about 1 hour a week and that’s it then that’s not good enough the teacher or the tutor needs to put the student on to some sort of program to study leaving work for each week and it’s got to be a work that will help the student with keeping on top of things. So the program to study doing more than the mere minimum of just homework is important

And finally is qualifications and experience.

Now something is wrong with your car you’re not going to take it to someone that just knows cars you’re going to take it to a qualified, experienced mechanic, someone that knows the cars really well and everyone just does that without thinking the problem is when it comes to children’s future people don’t think of that and that to me is probably the most important. So when you are looking for a tutor. It’s probably best to get a real teacher, it might cost a bit more but at least you get the qualifications and the experience and the passion of teaching from that person. And also, this day in age with the programs and how they change and they’re very rapidly changing, being a teacher is probably the best that you can get because they’re so close to understanding what’s happening. For Mathematics for example, the courses has changed maybe 2-3 times in the last 10 years as opposed to before that it didn’t change since the 70’s or the 80’s so the programs are changing very rapidly as of late and having someone like a qualified teacher means that you have someone that knows the current school curriculum just really, really important.

So they’re the three things to look out for when you are looking for a tutor.

1. The connection between the student and the tutor

2. The way the lessons are conducted

3. The qualifications and experience of the tutor. Making sure that they are a real teacher.

Now if you liked my videos and you wanna see more, just go to thanks very much and have a good day!

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