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3 Things to Think About when your Child Starts the New School Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Your children are set for the new school year but are they ready? This video gives 3 important principles that can be applied to get your children ready for the new school year: 1. Organisation 2. Goal Setting 3. Remind them that it's a Fresh Start


Good morning. This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space and I’m driving to school.

Today I’m going to be talking about the three things to think about when your child is about to start school.

So number 1 would be organisation. If your child is organised at the start of the year, they’ve got all their equipment and all their books then there’s a good chance it’s going to be organised throughout the year and conversely, if they are not organised from day one, then there’s a good chance that throughout the year they’re going to have pages missing, they’re going to have missing notes, they’re not going to have their equipment with them and that hinders on the learning. So organisation is important.

The second thing is goal setting. At the start of the year, the child’s motivation is at its peak. They’re quite excited to start school after a long break, see their friends again, meet their new teachers, and all that sort of thing and it’s probably a good idea to harness that motivation into goal setting. Now when you are goal setting for the year with your child, probably be a good idea if you wrote things down. It is more powerful if things are in writing. Also, I have to say that there is a lot of things on the internet in goal setting, being able to make sure that it is measurable and think about how you’re going to do it, more practical etc. All that sort of thing you can find on the internet but goal setting is important for the child’s year at school.

The third thing is just a conversation with the child to remind them that it’s a fresh start and what I mean about that, is that usually when students start a new year, they have new teachers and a lot of the new teachers don’t really know your child so the fresh start is important. It gives the child an opportunity to prove themselves and to just show them that this year is a different year and this year is going to be the year that they’re going to improve on their Maths or their History or whatever it is.

So it is important to think about those 3 things:

Organisation, Goal setting and to remember that it’s a fresh start.

And these 3 principles apply pretty much for anyone starting school from kindergarten all the way to the HSC. So they’re the 3 things to think about.

If you like my videos, there are more of them at and have a good day!

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