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Essentials right now for your kids

Essential things to do for your children who are learning online

To help students with homeschooling, they need an environment that is safe and comfortable to learn.

3 Helpful tips to consider:

•Blue light filter or glasses: The blue light that comes from smartphones, tablets, and computers can be a cause for discomfort to the eye if the level of contrast of the screen is not comfortable for viewing. As a workaround, blue filter apps or computer glasses can be used to shield the students’ eyes from this “visual noise.”

•Correct furniture: Students need to have a proper table and chair set-up, one that matches their height and provides support to their body so that they won’t suffer from posture-related problems.

•Quiet surroundings: Students will find it easier to concentrate on their school work if their study area is separated from the busy parts of the house, such as the living room, dining room, or kitchen.

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