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Online Tutoring Vs Face-to-Face Tutoring

After COVID the online tutoring model has become more popular. However, which is better? Online or face-to-face? Well it depends on the delivery of the sessions.


Good morning! This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space, and I'm driving to school.

Today I’m going to be talking about the pros and cons of online tutoring versus face-to-face tutoring.

Now, traditionally, tutoring has been done face-to-face. So we're talking about the idea that the way tutoring has been done in the past, obviously, face-to-face is the best format. So straightaway, if you go to someone for tutoring, and they tutor just in the traditional way, where it's either private or group sessions, where you sit in front of the tutor, or the or the teacher, and they go through the content with you, and they make sure that you understand, you go through some questions. That's the traditional way of tutoring and because it's the traditional way tutoring, face-to-face wins. So as a parent or as a student yourself, you do need to suss it out a little bit to see how the tutor goes ahead with the sessions, if it's in the traditional format, face-to-face is the way to go.

Where online tutoring works, and where it is a little bit more beneficial is when the online tutor utilises the technology. So sessions can be recorded. If a session is recorded, then obviously that is something that's beneficial to the student. And also there's many other platforms that can be done. Now, as a tutor, if you're going to go online, you definitely need to make sure that the experience is a lot better than face-to-face. Otherwise, the student and the parent might as well go to face-to-face tutoring, because you don't have that personal touch with online tutoring. So online tutoring works very, very well if it's done correctly, and it has a little bit more to offer. So things like online platforms, online portals, recordings that can be looked back at. These are the sorts of things that online tutoring can do that face-to-face tutoring can't do. However, if the tutor is just going to do normal traditional tutoring online, then you might as well go face-to-face.

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