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Should a Student Study in the Summer Holidays?

End of the year! Christmas time!

Should your child do any study during this break? This video may surprise you.


Good morning! This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space, and I'm driving to school.

Today I’m going to be talking about a particular question that I sometimes get asked,

“should my son or daughter do any work during the summer holidays?”

Different teachers answer this differently. In my opinion, generally speaking, I think a student should switch off and not do too much work in the summer holidays.

While a student is at school, especially in high school, when they're going through their periods of the day with different subjects, each subject teacher is demanding their attention every period and demanding them to do some work. So it is a lot of work for a student during each day at school. So they do need their breaks and that's the reason why after every 10 weeks, we have a couple of weeks off for the kids to recharge their batteries, and for the teachers to recharge their batteries. And during the summer break, it is a time where students need to become kids a little bit more than students and I think it's important that they have their time to enjoy themselves, enjoy the summer, create childhood memories, and not worry too much about schoolwork.

The only exception to this that I have seen is if a student is significantly behind, not because of their ability, but because they have missed out on some work due to some sort of illness or if they have missed out on some classes for some other reason; like they went on an overseas trip or a trip around Australia and then missed a lot of work. This is an opportunity to catch up on that work. It's an opportunity to just make sure that you get yourself up to scratch with everyone else during that time. Because in the summer holidays, when everyone else is taking the time off, it is an opportunity to get yourself up to scratch to where the other students are. This can be done simply by going through the notes from the lesson, getting it from a classmate or to use tutoring to help you out during the summer break. But yes, I think that's the only exception.

I wouldn't use the summer break to work ahead of the course. I know that there are some students that do it and if there is a student that wishes to do it out of interest, especially at the start of the year when they're about to start school where their motivation is high, that's not too bad and I wouldn't discourage that. But I definitely would encourage students to take some time off work and enjoy their summers.

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