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The 3 Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Night

You want to get the best out of parent-teacher night with your child's teachers in that limited time. This video gives you the three best questions to ask.


Good morning! This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space and I'm driving to school.

Today I’m going to be talking about the three main questions to ask at parent-teacher night.

So if you're a parent of a son or daughter, and you're going to go see a teacher at parent-teacher night, what are the three main questions you should ask?

The first one is classroom application.

How are they in class? What sort of attitude? What sort of behavior do they have in class? This gives you an idea of how motivated your son or daughter is towards that subject, and how much they pay attention. A lot of the learning happens in class, instructions from the teacher, and it's always ideal for the students to be focused. So asking about classroom application is an important one.

The second one is completion of work.

Does my son or daughter complete their homework? Do they complete their assignments? Do they complete the work in class? The completion of work gives you a good indication of how your son or daughter is going in the subject. If they generally get their work done, that is a very, very good start. Most students who are about the above average mark tend to complete their work. Students who don't finish their work that's required, tend to be students who get below average in that subject. So work completion is very important.

And finally, how to improve?

“How to improve?” is an important question to ask the teacher because the teacher usually has a first hand idea of what to do to improve the marks. Particularly for your son or daughter, there might be a topic that needs to be done; a technique that needs to be mastered in exams, for example. So there's different techniques and topics that can be asked to improve and so it is important that we make sure that we ask that question, “how to improve in the results?”

So they’re the three questions to ask at parent-teacher night.

classroom application, completion of work and how to improve?

If you liked my videos, there are more of them at and have a good day.

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