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We LOVE Maths and WHY it is so important

It's no secret, we love our Maths here at Learning Space.

Have you ever wondered why Maths is REALLY important?

And we know, many of us who went through school wondered if we would ever really need pythagoras’ theorem or algebra!

However, most of us have realised that it is HARD to survive without knowing some maths, it really is.

We ALL need maths in our daily lives...

1. To tell the time and estimate how long it will take you to get somewhere 2. Helps with finances, budgets, banking and credit cards 3. Helps with cooking and baking (two teaspoons extra of salt could be disastrous!) 4. Helps us with our problem solving skills 5. Every career would need a bit of maths along the way (shop keepers, dentists, marketers, real estate agents) 6. Maths can help you shop for a good sale! When out shopping you will use maths to work out the best bargains on offer. We may work out that the cost of three individual tins of baked beans is higher than the cost of a pack of four tins, perhaps. 7. If you are doing some DIY around the house you may be measuring walls, working out how many rolls of wallpaper to buy

We love Maths and the students we teach everyday learn to love and appreciate its benefits too.

Have a look at this recipe that will require Maths! There are thousands more examples all around us where we use our maths skills and don't even realise it.

If your son or daughter needs some extra support or simply whats to learn more with maths from Year 3 to HSC, we can help. We are located at Unit 13 10-12 Old Castle Hill Road (entrance on McMullen Avenue) Castle Hill NSW 2154

(02) 9899 8828 or email us at

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