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What to do if Your Child does not Complete their Homework

Are you getting messages from your children's school about homework not being completed. This video discusses the 3 concepts to think about if your children is not completing their homework on a consistent bases:

1. Organisation

2. Motivation

3. Understanding


Good morning! This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space and I'm driving to school.

Today I'm going to be talking about what to do if your child does not do their homework on a consistent basis. And this is where you get constant emails and messages from the teacher, basically saying your son or daughter, again, has not completed their homework.

So the three things to think about when your child does not consistently do their homework.

Number one is organisation. If your child is not organised, there's a good chance they're not going to complete the homework, simply because they won't know what is for homework.

Keeping a student diary and keeping records of what they're doing in class in some sort of way, is all they need to do to make sure they know what's for homework. If their books are in order in the subject, then it will be very easy for them to just pick it up and go with it every single afternoon when I come home from school. So organisation is an important one.

The second one is motivation. With the motivation, I mean that your child knows what they have to do for homework, they're organised, but they're just not interested in it, they don't see the value in doing homework, or value in that subject in particular. For this one, they might need a sit down and talk about the goals and the sort of thing that they want to do when they leave school. If they want to become or go into a particular profession, then they might realise that the particular subject they’re not doing their homework in is something that we'll need for later on.

And setting goals and talking about it with your child sometimes is all it takes for your child to realise that that subject is important and therefore the homework to complete for that subject is important. So that is very important there, having a motivation to do the subject.

The final one is understanding. If your child does not understand the work, there's a good chance they're not going to do the homework. And sometimes this is a difficult one because if they are not understanding it, and they're a little bit embarrassed about not understanding it, they might just sit there and just not complete their homework. So, that one is an important one. What you could do here is to get extra support. First of all, you might want to send a message to the teacher and say, look, the reason why my son or my daughter are not doing their homework is because they don't understand it. Please go over the work with them. However, if this is a consistent thing they might need outside support. So getting your son or daughter a tutor might be an idea, or getting an older brother or sister to help him out, or a classmate just to get some support to get them back on track, so then they know what they're doing when it comes to doing their classwork and their homework.

So they’re the three things to think about when your child does not do their homework.

The first one is organisation, the second one is motivation and finally, understanding, the understanding of the work.

If you like my videos, there are more of them at and have a good day.

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