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The Sovereign casino, where Arkady worked, opened its doors to everyone who wanted to try their luck in the game on November 3, 1992. The game process was controlled exclusively by the British, who came to distant and cold Moscow at the invitation of Michael Botcher, the person who selected candidates for the position of croupier at the very beginning of our story. The work schedule of this gambling establishment was around the clock. A few days before the opening, Nick made a schedule based on the wishes of the staff. Oddly enough, but there were many volunteers to work on the night shift from 23:00 to 07:00, they were mostly full-time students. The day shift from 15:00 to 23:00 was occupied by those who liked to hang out or simply were in no hurry to go home and could afford to sleep a little longer in the morning. In the morning (from 07:00 to 15:00) the most vigorous "larks" came out casinosenligneca.

Moscow gambling establishments of that time were mostly focused on night work, believing that it was at night that the feeling of profit kept people from falling asleep. Instead of three shifts of 8 hours, only a night shift was practiced (from about 21:00 to 5 in the morning). From the point of view of the owners, it is not at all necessary to maintain a large staff and can be limited to only one team. If there were those who wanted to continue the game in such establishments after the specified hour X (closing time), then the last 3 or 5 hands were announced on the card tables and the same number of ball launches (English spin) on roulette. Then those who had game chips left went to the cashier and exchanged them for money.



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