Castle Hill Tutoring Centre English and Maths

Tutoring for
High School 

Your teenager may, understandably, be feeling overwhelmed when they first start high school. Even more so, when they enter senior school from Year 10 and prepare for more challenging tasks and exams for Maths, English and Science. 


Our tutors are currently registered teachers in NSW schools and results-driven and passionate about their work.

We offer all Maths subjects (Advanced, Extension, Standard), Physics, Chemistry, Biology along with both English Standard, Advanced and Extension classes.


Our teachers work with high school students to customise a program that aligns with their academic and educational needs.


We take into account the required exam preparation, guidance and assistance so that your child feels well prepared and confident throughout their high school years. 

In addition, we of course focus on HSC preparation across many subjects:

HSC Maths Preparation 

  • General Maths

  • Mathematics – (Previously called 2 Unit Maths)

  • Maths Extension 1 – (Previously called 3 Unit Maths)

  • Maths Extension 2 – (Previously called 4 Unit Maths)

HSC English Preparation 

  • Standard English

  • English Advanced

  • English Extension 1

  • English Extension 2

  • English Extension (Literature)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

The first step is to make a call and speak with our Principal Jason who will help identify what your son or daughter may need. 

Contact Us today to start your child's journey in helping them with their school work and exam preparation.