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3 Things to Help with Remote Learning

Due to the pandemic, remote learning and home schooling has become a normal thing. This video gives 3 ideas to keep your children healthy and learning while online:

1. Morning Ritual

2. Reduce Screen Time

3. Exercise and Eat Well


Good morning, this is Jason Ursino from Learning Space and I’m not driving to school because I’m in lockdown.

Now today, I’m going to be talking about the three things that you need to think about when your child is undertaking remote learning.

The first thing is the morning ritual. Now, when your child has gone to school on a regular basis there is a morning ritual that the child undergoes; gets up in the morning, makes the bed, brushes his teeth, or her teeth and has breakfast and then catches a bus, goes to school etc, right? However, what we’re finding with the remote learning is some students are getting up right on the bell, so to speak, but right on the time that school starts, some of them don’t even get out of bed so they have their laptop or their iPad next to them and they get online while they’re still in bed. Some of them have breakfast during period one. Okay, what we find is that these students here are really not learning. They’re sort of just taking advantage of the fact that they can sleep in. You can still sleep in, but the matter of fact is, you should get up, still, about half an hour before the first period starts, go through a process of your morning ritual, very important.

The second thing is to reduce screen time. A lot of the time these students are online so they are behind that screen a lot, so when it’s leisure time or when it's time away from the screen try not to spend too much time on TV or playing video games, try and be outside. As a matter of fact, at school, during recess and lunch, the kids are outside and that’s for good reason; they exert energy, they soak in some sun. It’s very, very important. So at the very, very least, during recess and lunch time or any breaktime during the remote learning, the students should be away from the screen and outside. Ideally, even between periods, if it's a high school student, to be outside soaking in some sun, going for a walk with the dog, something, just to get away from the screen, very, very important.

And finally, exercise and eat well. Now, I’ve already mentioned things about going outside, walking the dog, kicking a ball around, that’s very important for exercise. Okay, they still need to keep their exercise up and eating well. The amount of snacks that is going on at the moment during the remote learning is a little bit alarming so maybe reduce the amount of chips and increase the amount of carrots and cucumbers. Just a suggestion.

So they’re the three things I would recommend as a teacher for students to undertake during remote learning. The first thing is the morning ritual. I know that some schools are even insisting on students wearing the school uniform while they conduct the remote learning. The second thing is to reduce screen time, just get away from the screen as much as you can, very important and finally, the third thing is to stay healthy, exercise and eat well.

If you like my videos there are many more of them at and have a good day and stay safe!

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