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Why Should the Tutor be a Teacher?

When you get a tutor to help with your children's academics, you should get a real teacher. This video explains why it is important to have a teacher to tutor your children.


Good morning! This is Jason Ursino from Learning Space and I'm driving to school.

What some parents ask me is, "Should I get tutoring for my child?" Now that's a complicated question. There's a little bit more to that.

If a student gets a tutor and the only time they do the extra work is within that one hour then it's not going to be very beneficial. You're probably wasting your time and wasting your money. However, if the tutor gives some sort of program of study and the student does a little bit more than just the mere minimum of just homework then you will start to see some serious benefits.

The other important thing is that the tutor needs to be a teacher. Because a teacher knows exactly what's coming up soon. If you get a uni student or a student that got something like 99% in the ATAR then you still will see some benefits but I don't think you would see as much as from a teacher. Simply because teachers are constantly being, what we call, “professional development”, where they're going to conferences, they’re constantly learning. It is part of their job for them to be up with the most recent syllabus and also not just the syllabus, but also the programming that goes behind it. A lot of things that people don't think about and don't see. So it is highly beneficial to have a tutor that is a real teacher. It might cost a little bit more but it is definitely beneficial. It's almost like when you need a car service, you wouldn't take it to anyone that says, “I know cars really, really well”, “I grew up with cars”, “My parents have a lot of cars and I have worked with them”. You take it to someone that is a qualified mechanic. Someone that’s qualified, someone that's experienced, someone that knows what they're doing. And if you're going to do that with your car, you definitely should do it with a child's future.

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Thank you very much and have a good day!

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